Wake Up, Hollywood. It’s IronViz time and I’ve got my eye on you.

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More for the chance to speak out than to compete on the IronViz stage, I decided to look at gender and diversity behind the scenes in Hollywood.

The result is this:

Wake Up HollywoodI was saddened by the grim statistics regarding female participation in pre-and-post production I uncovered whilst researching this project.  Not only were rates of participation extremely low, there has been no real change in the past decade.

For such a visible and accessible industry, these results are akin to those you’d expect in the 50s and 60s, not 2017.




For those who are interested in the tools and techniques, let me break down a few of the design elements:

Frame and layout

I purposefully chose a celluloid film strip as the basis of my viz to give the effect of scrolling through film.  I’m not normally one for a ‘long form’ viz, but in this instance I think it works.

Chart selection

  • The diverging bar used in the second ‘frame’ was chosen to demonstrate the skew towards male award winners.
  • The bump chart used in the third ‘frame’ was chosen to demonstrate the distinct lack of change over time.
  • The matrix used in the fourth ‘frame’ uses shapes similar to the holes found on the edge of the celluloid film.  Again, this chart was chosen to demonstrate a distinct void of female award winners in key categories towards the top of the chart, and a proliferation of awards in the secondary award categories.  There’s been a lot of discussion recently about visualising ‘nothing’ and I think this chart goes some way to achieving this.
  • The scatter plot used in the fifth ‘frame’ gives a nice representation of diversity but also the scale of both number of movies and also gross value of these movies.
  • The radial chart used in the final ‘frame’ is probably my favourite.  I wrapped this chart in the outline of an eyelid to give the effect of the chart being the pupil and iris of an eye – a symbol to Hollywood that I, and many others, are watching.  We’re watching and waiting for change.


I purposefully took an aggressive tone in the commentary used throughout this viz as I’m truly disgusted with the findings.

Thank you to the following organisations for compiling the data I was able to use for this project:

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