Designing winning dashboards

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Sure, you’ve been using Tableau for a while and you’re comfortable with how things fit together – but there’s still one vital piece missing – mastering the winning dashboard.

What is a winning dashboard?

Quite simply, it’s a dashboard that becomes part of daily life – something that becomes imperative for the success of your business. Winning dashboards become a necessity – rather than a ‘nice to have’ – and form an integral part of daily decision making, resource planning, performance improvement and management practice.

How do I build winning dashboards?

Designing winning dashboards is as much about the strategy as it is about the execution.

Designing a winning dashboard requires more than Tableau.  A winning dashboard relies on strategy, planning and execution.

The strategy for designing winning dashboards includes:

  1. Measuring what matters
  2. Building trust in the numbers
  3. Reflecting your audience
  4. Choosing the right viz for your data
  5. Ramping up dashboard adoption
  6. Pushing the message

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