Get Ready To Design And Deliver Dashboards With Impact

This is bigger than Tableau.  

This is about strategy, planning and execution.

Learn how to select, and use, the most effective visualization for your data.  Make the most of the beautiful functionality within Tableau Desktop to deliver a polished final product.



You'll start by learning how to design dashboards that reflect your audience, instill confidence, and provide insight and information to drive business decision making.

In 2012, I was working closely with a client to help them streamline their operations;  they wanted to “see and understand” their data (you know, the Tableau mission….) but more importantly, they wanted to use their data in a new and proactive, rather than reactive, way. 

My job was to build the dashboard in Tableau, their job was to use it.

By following a simple structure with a well thought-out design process, I was able to design and deliver a dashboard with real impact; in fact, within months of using the dashboard, my client reported a 600% productivity improvement across the business. That client is still using that original dashboard – as well as a range of new iterations which have now been rolled out to other areas of their business - to drive their daily operations.

I’ve worked with the “who’s who” of Tableau clients in Australia and I’ve also trained more than 5,000 students worldwide on the use and implementation of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. 

Guess what the most frequently requested type of advice and assistance is? Dashboard design.

It seems that every group of Tableau Developers I work with always asks me for the same thing: more tips, more tricks and more skills to make sure their dashboards not only dazzle but pack a punch and drive real business decisions.

Now it’s your turn to learn how to design and deliver dashboards with impact.

If you’re ready to learn how to design and deliver dashboards with impact then grab this course now!

~ Jane Crofts

With just one well designed dashboard, we generated a 600% productivity improvement for our client. 


Now that’s a dashboard with impact!

Module 4: 

Reflect Your Audience

Module 1: 

Get Started

Module 6: 

Ramp Up Adoption

We will get started by outlining everything you will need to complete this course.  We will also step through the course structure and what you will learn in each module.

Includes videos, workbooks and exercises

Includes videos, workbooks and exercises

Includes videos, workbooks and exercises

Follow a proven process to Identify - and test - which are the right business metrics and data to be included in your dashboard.

Module 5: 

Choose The Right Viz

Includes videos, workbooks and exercises

Includes videos, workbooks and exercises

Module 7: 

Push The Message

Module 2:

Measure What Matters

Module 3: 

Build Trust In The Numbers

Choose the best visualization for each type of data; keep the viz simple, elegant and insightful.  Learn how to create these vizes in Tableau Desktop and then bring them together in an interactive dashboard.

Build trust in the numbers so that your dashboard can cut straight to the heart of the matter - inspiring data driven decision making, not churning up confusion and disbelief!

Get your dashboard in front of the right people at the right time!  Learn how to influence key decision makers to really drive adoption of your dashboard across the business.

Includes videos, workbooks and exercises

Apply a range of techniques to identify your key audience and tailor the dashboard to reflect their needs and preferences.

Includes videos, workbooks and exercises

Deliver your dashboard straight to your audience in a proactive and timely manner leveraging Tableau Server functionality (including Tableau Public).

What will we cover in the course?

You'll get access to hours of video tutorials, comprehensive workbooks and activities covering all aspects of the design and delivery of dashboards with impact.

This is a self-paced course, which means that it's all up to you when you start and finish it.

Sure thing! Just connect your phone to this course files and you can watch it on the fly.

When does the course start?

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You'll get access to hours of video tutorials, comprehensive workbooks and exercises covering all aspects of the design and delivery of dashboards with impact.


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Jane Crofts is a well-regarded Tableau specialist, Tableau Qualified Associate and one of the first Tableau Alliance Partners in Australia. Jane works with the “who’s who” of Australian Tableau clients, assisting these organisations get the most out of their Tableau investment; from training teams of analysts, building complex guided analytics and external facing portals, as well as leading many proof of concept initiatives to demonstrate exactly what Tableau can do!

Author of Tableau Desktop: A Practical Guide for Business Users, Jane’s passion and enthusiasm to share the Tableau-love with the business community cannot be understated! A self-confessed Tableau-fanatic, Jane draws on her background in business analysis, management consulting, supply chain re-engineering and process improvement to provide a solid foundation for her expansive data visualisation, analytics and executive information systems repertoire.

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Get Ready To Design And Deliver Dashboards With Impact.

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