Archive | January, 2016

#MakeoverMonday – calling Tableau fans to test their skills!

Have you seen the #MakeoverMonday challenge taking the Tableau Software world by storm? In what is fast becoming a worldwide race for dataviz glory, each week Tableau’s Andy Cotgreave and Tableau Zen Master Andy Kriebel source a different chart from the interwebs and set a challenge for the Tableau community (with the associated data) via Viz Wiz Andy […]

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Be careful with your colours!

You may have heard of semantic networks – but have you heard of semantic colours? “Semantic colours” is the concept of using colours that are associated with content / words.  For example – if I were to ask you “what is the colour of spring, the colour of autumn and the colour of love?”, you […]

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Thank you Japan! #1 Bestseller!

Thank you Japan, you’ve made me a #1 Bestselling Author (Business Software category).   My mum is probably laughing to herself about this. I studied Japanese (very badly) for two years in high school and haven’t been able to speak a word of it since. Fortunately for me, my Japanese fan-base has had better luck at […]

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